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Hydrographic surveying

Heuvelman Ibis possesses high-quality instruments to produce exact measurements both above and below the water surface.

For measurements of water beds, embankments and other objects, we use our dedicated surveying vessels. One of our surveying vessels is the "Cetus".

The vessel has the following equipment:

  • Geoswath Plus 250 kHz (multibeam/phase measurement)

  • Knudsen 320M Dual Frequency 33/210 kHz acoustic sounder (single beam)

  • GPS1230GG Leica RTK Receiver

  • MNS1230GG Leica RTK reference station

  • STD / CTD-SD204 Sound speedometer

The vessel's compact dimensions enables surveying and sounding work to be carried out almost anywhere. It can be floated from the bank, so there are almost no restrictions on the water bodies that can be surveyed (e.g. dredger holes, lakes and ponds).

For land-based surveying work we have lasers, levelling equipment and GPS systems.

In addition to surveying in the context of our own projects, we are of course also using our equipment and instruments on behalf of third parties.


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