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Dredging works have traditionally been a major part of the services offered by Heuvelman Ibis. A wide range of crane ships, dredging platforms with hydraulic dredgers and hopper dredgers enables us to carry out projects of any size on inland or coastal waters both in Germany and abroad.

Heuvelman Ibis carries out a range of dredging works for navigation authorities, small and large municipalities, but also private parties.

Accordingly, Heuvelman Ibis has  extensive experience in many subfields of wet dredging:

  • Harbour construction
  • Construction and extension of waterways, ponds and other water bodies
  • Extension and deepening of waterways
  • Maintenance of harbours, waterways, lakes, ponds and other water bodies
  • Rehabilitation of harbours, waterways, lakes, ponds and other water bodies
  • Sand extraction
  • Soil displacement
  • Filling of channels, ponds and other water bodies 
  • Preparation of industrial estates by raising with sand
  • Excavation of trenches/sheet piling boxes by suctioning

Heuvelman Ibis has a diverse fleet of vessels with special equipment, including seaworthy crane vessels, suction hopper dredgers, dredger vessels with cable dredgers, dredger vessels with hydraulic dredgers, tugs, cutter suction dredgers, bucket dredgers, barges, platforms (fixed and modular), DOP-pumps, water injection equipment, washing equipment and ancillary vessels.


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