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Heuvelman Ibis was founded in 1969 as "Heuvelman Ibis BV Dredging and Transhipment" in Krimpen a/d IJssel (Netherlands) by its then director Arie Heuvelman.

A sailing vessel dating from 1902 was modified to create the crane barge "Ibis", the first of our fleet. It was used with great success in the early 1970s at various differing hydraulic construction sites.

In 1975, Heuvelman Ibis came to the Northern Netherlands for the construction of the new seaport channel in Delfzijl. After a two-year construction period, the temporary office complex built at the site was converted into a permanent headquarters at Delfzijl. In addition to the office, a workshop was also built there.

Over the following years, the fleet was greatly expanded, the equipment was added to and more staff was hired. In 1981, we built our own seaworthy, self-propelling crane pontoon in-house.

In light of the continuous expansion of the chemical industry market in Delfzijl, our transhipment activities were expanded and our company received a large number of other contracts, such as maintenance of rivers and banks, construction of fish ladders and of course wet dredging works.

As early as 1983, Heuvelman Ibis was involved in clearing and salvaging explosives. Together with the Royal Dutch Navy, the cargo of a vessel destroyed near Terschelling by the British Navy during World War II was salvaged and properly disposed of. Over a period of four months, more than 200 unexploded mines were salvaged from the hold.

Being an innovative company, Heuvelman Ibis became increasingly involved in foreign countries. Dredging and construction work was carried out in the UK, France, Ireland and Germany.

In 2005, after a large number of German projects had been successfully completed, the company "Heuvelman Ibis GmbH" was founded with headquarters in Leer.

Heuvelman Ibis is now among the leading companies in its sector, with a large fleet consisting of approximately 30 vessels and around 100 employees domestically and abroad.

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